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Savannah Glades at location Pulo Maestra Vita, Oton-Pavia-San Miguel, Iloilo

Savannah Glades is conveniently located in Pulo Maestra Vita, Iloilo. It is conveniently located in the close neighborhood of various essentials including hospitals, schools, clinics, colleges, marketplaces, terminals, universities, churches, shopping malls as well as major roadways. 

Some of the nearby located churches include Mandurriao Church, Jaro, Victory Iloilo, Doane Baptist Church, Pavia Church Option Church, San Miguel Church Sta. Barbara Church, Jaro Cathedral, The Legacy Church, Iglesia Ni Christo, Molo Church as well as Oton Church. If you have a habit of visiting a church on a regular basis then residing at Savannah Glades can be extremely convenient. You can visit the nearby located churches within a few minutes without facing any hassles. 

Some of the nearby located shopping malls include SM City Iloilo, Robinsons Mall, Marymart Mall, Gaisano City Iloilo as well as The Atrium. Hence, if shopping is what you crave for every weekend then Savannah Glades is one of the perfect locations to reside at. You can visit the various shopping malls located in the close neighborhood. You can shop for your favorite brands while having to travel for a very less duration. You may also find a number of eateries including fast food centers, restaurants, ice cream parlors, etc. located within these shopping malls.

Some of the nearby located hospitals, clinics as well as healthcare centers include Western Visayas Medical Center, Iloilo Mission Hospital, St. Paul Saviours Hospital, WVSU Hospital as well as St. Therese Hospital Iloilo. While residing at Savannah Glades medical emergencies are handled with utmost care and adequacy. It takes the least amount of time to reach out to various medical centers if any medical emergency ever arises.  

Various nearby located terminals include New Peoples Terminal, Super Terminal, Tagbak Terminal, Mohon Terminal, Ungka Terminal as well as Molo. Traveling is one of the essential aspects of one's life and while residing in Savannah Glades traveling is an extremely eased out affair. The nearby located terminals make it easy for the residents to travel by buses and jeeps. These modes can be used to travel to business establishments, schools, colleges or even other distantly located important landmarks. 

Various other nearby located essential landmarks include GMA Iloilo Super Radio AM Radio Transmitter, Garden of the Ascension of the Cemetery, Westville Subdivision, Pepsi Bottlers Philippines Incorporated as well as Palisades Iloilo.

There are nearby located schools, colleges as well as universities where the students of the property can head to for their regular studies. This provision allows the students to save a lot of traveling time that can be easily put to other productive use. 

There are a lot of important roadways connected to Savannah Glades that makes it one of the strategic locations to reside at. To have a well-connected community to reside at is one of the major requirements of all and Savannah Glades successfully fulfills this requirement. 

Last, but not the least, to have a community that is so well connected as well as close to various essential setups is expected to give extremely enhanced returns to its occupants. This makes Savannah Glades one of the best investment opportunities.

Churches :

  • Mandurriao Church
  • Jaro Cathedral
  • Jaro
  • Tjhe Legacy Church
  • Victory Iloilo
  • Iglesia Ni Christo
  • Doane Baptist Churh
  • Molo Church
  • Pavia Church Option Church
  • Oton Church
  • San Miguel Church Sta. Barbara Church

Malls :

  • SM City Iloilo
  • Gaisano City Iloilo
  • Robinsons Mall
  • The Atrium
  • Marymart Mall

Hospitals :

  • Western Visayas Medical Center
  • WVSU Hospital
  • Iloilo Mission Hospital
  • St. Therese Hospital Iloilo Doctors
  • St. Paul Hospital Saviours Hospital

Terminal Stations :

  • New Peoples Terminal
  • Mohon Terminal
  • Super Terminal
  • Ungka Terminal
  • Tagbak Terminal
  • Molo

Schools :

  • Central Phlippine University
  • UPV University
  • University of San Agustinm Stl Pauls University
  • WVSU
  • St Joseph Academy
  • Sta. Isabel International School

Marketplaces :

  • Iiloilo Supermarket Manduriao
  • Iloilo Supermart Molom
  • SM Super Market Jaro
  • Citi Hardware
  • AM Buliders Depot
  • Moostbrand Depot

Major Roads :

  • Iloilo City R-2 Road
  • Savannaha Main Road
  • Iloilo City Aleosan Road

Transportation :

  • Jeep
  • Bus

Other Landmarks :

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